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There were 217 registered buyers vying for 106 lots at the IM & KR Siegert clearing sale at Meckering last week.
John Deere 7830 tops Meckering clearing sale at $97,000 for Siegert family.
IMMACULATE machinery, plant and sundries were presented for sale at the IM & KR Siegert clearing sale last Thursday at Meckering and prices reflected the quality on offer.
With phone bidders from as far away as Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, others in attendance travelled from as far afield as Esperance and Boyup Brook, as well north to Mingenew, so it was no wonder there was a full clearance of all the lots put up for sale.
Registrations totalled 217, with buyers vying for 106 lots, consisting of 87 from the Siegerts and the remaining 19 lots spread between three other vendors, Mussareds, NP Burges & Co and Dunscar Farm.
The sale was conducted by Nutrien Livestock, Cunderdin and Livestock & Land representative, Jake Finlayson, and said it had been an extremely successful sale.
“The big items sold exceptionally well,” Mr Finlayson said.
Chris Panizza (left) Toodyay, Steve Lamb, Goomalling, Frank Panizza, Toodyay and Rob Bagley, Northam, took the opportunity to catch up at IM & KR Siegert’s clearing sale at Meckering.
“It was a huge credit to Ian and Karen Siegert for the way everything was presented today.
“All the items were clean and well-maintained, giving people the ability to bid with confidence.”
Mr Finlayson said the big ticket items, like the tractors and boomsprayer were the ones that had attracted the Eastern States’ bidders.
However, it was a classic 1989 Mack Valueliner, 500 horsepower V8, tandem axle tipper truck that piqued the interest of many local WA buyers prior to and during the sale.
“The Mack truck garnered a lot of interest, due to its age, how well it was maintained and its good order,” Mr Finlayson said.
“The amount of interest was phenomenal, Ian would have spent hours on the phone about that Mack truck.”
He said the success of clearing sales so far this year was evident and it was not all to do with the pandemic and its effects.
Finding a rare and very welcome piece of shade in the 37 degree heat were Steve Martin (left) and Errol Howard, Wannamal.
“While COVID has meant that it has been harder to get the new equipment, there are all different types of circumstances that have people needing to buy at clearing sales,” Mr Finlayson said.
“The fires in Corrigin have also created the need for more equipment and clearing sales are a place where the items are there ready to pick up.”
The 37 degree heat did not deter the buyers, however, it did mean that any slice of shade that could be found around larger items like silos and tractors, was a prized piece of real estate for attendees.
Seeking the shade and looking over this chaser bin was Ciaran Murray-Miguel (left), 9, Beacon, with dad Danny Miguel and brother Patrick Murray-Miguel,11.
The sale was topped by the 2009 John Deere 7830 front wheel assist tractor with 6020 hours clocked, achieving $97,000, and sold to Wheatfield Pastoral Co, Boyup Brook.
Not far behind in the auction and actually the lot following was the 1998 John Deere 9300 four wheel drive tractor with 6800 hours logged, which sold for $91,000, to Girando Family Trust, Dinninup.
All the interest in the 1989 Mack Valueliner, with 165,000 kilometres since engine rebuild, meant that the truck drew solid competition and rose to $80,000, selling to Lingray Nominees Pty Ltd, Merredin, along with the grain bin to fit for $7500.
The sought after 2013 Hardi Commander II 6032 boomsprayer, reached $64,000 and was snapped up by DG Styles, Esperance.
Nathan Lawrence (left) and dad Allen, Southern Brook, were among the attendees at Meckering.
A 20 tonne Finch chaser bin, with new 800/65 R32 tyres was purchased by Rockwell Farms, Kondinin, for $51,000.
Another Esperance buyer, Kyarran Farming Co, was the successful buyer of the 2011 Morris 300 tow between airseeder box and Flexi-Coil 820 38 foot seeder bar as a package for $50,000.
The 2001 John Deere 9750 STS header with 3526 rotor and 4585 engine hours, complete with 36ft comb with trailer, chopper and new ATU steering wheel and GS2 screen, sold to Apache Investments, Merredin, for $75,000.
Among the offering of field bins it was the two 45 tonne Moylan ones that made the highest prices at $14,500 and $17,000, with both of these bought by Schilling Enterprises Pty Ltd, Beverley.
Neighbours Tony Kerkvliet, South Doodlakine and Murray Clement, Kellerberrin, checked out the 2009 John Deere 7830, which sold for $97,000.
There was good quality sheep equipment in the mix of lots, like the green TPW woolpress with scales that sold to LK Ludgate & Co, York, for $15,500.
A Hi-Way Sales feeder was purchased by Cosgrove Farming Co, Mingenew, for $13,500.
Always popular with collectors and for farm use, the Chamberlain 4480 tractor was won by Dareshell Pty Ltd, Esperance, at $12,000.
Notably a CAT forklift was snapped up for $19,500, by Ucarty Holdings, Dowerin.
Marcus Gifford, Boyup Brook and son Flynn, caught up with Paul Chatfield, York, while looking over the 1998 John Deere 9300 tractor, which sold for $91,000.
There were several digital technology cameras and screens sold separately as the Siegert’s final lots and a John Deere 6000 receiver went for $11,500 to BH Thomson & Sons, Tammin, and a GS2 screen was purchased by MB & JL Patton, Meckering for $2700.
A John Deere 4840 tractor with 6580 hours offered by SD & DG Kelly, Dunscar Farm, Meckering, sold for $24,000, also to Ucarty Holdings, Dowerin.
Vendor Ian Siegert said he was very happy with the results of the sale.
Cameron and Jayden Smith, Northam, inspect the 2001 John Deere 9750 STS header, which sold for $75,000.
“Very happy with the results and the turnout today, we didn’t have heaps of sundries and smaller items, so it wasn’t a huge sale,” Mr Siegert said.
Ian and wife Karen are remaining on the farm which is being leased, so the clearing sale is not yet the end of an era for them.
This 2013 Hardi CommanderII 6032 boomsprayer sold for $64,000 and found a new home in Esperance.
This 2011 Morris 300 tow between airseeder box sold as a package with the Flexi-Coil 820, 38 foot seeder bar for $50,000.
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