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By published 11 March 22
All this neat method needs is an overridden Bristleback
Horizon Forbidden West is hiding a pretty nifty money farming exploit, one player has discovered.
Yesterday, a post on the official Horizon Forbidden West subreddit surfaced, bringing to light a brand new exploit to obtain money quickly and easily in Guerrilla’s sequel. In short, the entire play hinges on overriding a Bristleback while out exploring the open world of the Forbidden West.
Then, you merely need to dismount the mechanical beast. When left to its own devices, the Bristleback will begin foraging for goods underground, just like it did before you overrode it, and will chuck up containers full of Metal Shards, the currency used throughout Aloy’s sequel.
One commenter underneath the post even claims that the machine will periodically dig up Ingots for you, although it’s admittedly a pretty slow process. Another commenter reckons players should override an entire herd of Bristlebacks and turn them into a Metal Shard farm, but some doubt whether this is possible, since you can only have a limited number of machine allies at any one point in Forbidden West.
No matter the number of machines though, this is a really good tip for anyone in the early hours of Horizon Forbidden West in particular. Overriding Bristlebacks is unlocked pretty early, so get your machine friend digging up dough for you as soon as possible.
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