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Hajia Abibata Surprises Yendi Farmers With 1,800 Fertilizers, 600 Knapsack sprayers, 5,400 bags of Maize Seeds

This forms part of the Deputy MASLOC CEO’s yearly support to the local farmers in the constituency.

The items, which included 5,400 9kg-bags of certified maize seeds, 1,200 bags of NPK fertilizer, 600 bags of Urea fertilizer and 600 Knapsack sprayers, were meant to support the beneficiary farmers to improve on their farming business and enhance their economic conditions.

As it is usual of her, Hajia Abibata’s annual support to the Yendi farmers has been done on the quiet in order to protect the dignity of the beneficiaries.

Her Campaign team spent two clear days in distributing the items to all the farmers right in their own local communities, helping them to avoid commuting long journeys to a distributing centre. Delightfully receiving the inputs, the beneficiaries, could not help but heap praises on Hajia Abibata for her yearly support.

According to them, the NPP Parliamentary Aspirant had not only been supportive and most reliable but she is also truthful in her quest to improving the lives of her constituents.

They indicated that, even though they anticipated some support from the MASLOC Deputy CEO as part of her usual yearly support to them, this year’s support has been very massive and way beyond their imaginations.

“Hajia Abibata has been our lifeblood, inspiring us to continue to stay in farming because she makes our business less costly, attractive and more beneficial. Her support comes to us at no cost, and the proceeds come to us directly, thereby enhancing our economic well-being’, one farmer noted.

The NPP Aspiring Member of Parliament and Deputy MASLOC CEO, Hajia Abibata Shanni Mahama Zakariah commended her team, led by Alhaji Shei Zakaria, for their hard work and dedication in all her activities aimed at improving the lives of her people.

She indicated that it had always been her strong desire to assist the deprived people and communities to come out of poverty by helping to enhance their economic activities.

She urged the farmers to ensure proper use of the inputs and equipment for good yield in order to generate more incomes at the end of the farming season to support their families.

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