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Harvest Solar is an engineering, procurement, and construction solar company offering turnkey solutions for agricultural, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications. With a reputation for quality, Harvest Solar designs and installs dependable and long-lasting systems tailored to achieve an array of custom energy needs.
LANSING — Many have noticed a new crop increasingly popping up throughout the farming industry within the last few years. Independent solar energy systems have been installed more and more throughout the Midwest, especially in Michigan, sparking curiosity and interest in the agriculture community.
Farmers utilize the sun every day to grow crops and execute daily operations. The energy of the sun is another ripe crop ready to be harvested through a solar photovoltaic system.
Farming, processing, and storage have high and variable energy needs. High electrical rates have become one of the more expensive and unpredictable costs of running a farming operation. From running machinery to drying operations, there is likely a period each year where electricity becomes a top expense for a farm.
Harvesting the energy of the sun is an investment that can reduce operating costs, protect against rising utility rates, and reduce greenhouse gas production.
As a renewable resource, solar energy provides an unlimited steady supply over time that will not become unavailableor scarce. A solar energy system generates clean energy while reducing your carbon footprint and lowering the overall dependence on fossil fuels.
While great for the environment, going solar is also an attractive and favorable investment for agriculture, commercial, and industrial businesses. Many believe that going solar is motivated by either environmental considerations or cost-effectiveness. With the recent improvements in the solar industry, both benefits can simultaneously be achieved.
A significant federal tax credit, attractive rebates, accelerated depreciation, federal grant money, and other incentives can dramatically reduce the cost of installing solar energy systems. There are also various creative financing options that make a solar energy project extremely attainable. Although every situation is very different, installing a solar energy system can provide a quick return on investment.
Many people wonder if going solar truly makes sense for their situation, especially in the long run. A solar energy system is built for rugged outdoor applications backed with warranties exceeding twenty-five years. They are low-maintenance structures without fluids or moving parts that sit there making energy.
Going solar will continue to benefit future generations as the family legacy is handed down generation to generation. In the event of selling the farm, a solar energy system can increase the property value.
Harvest Solar is an engineering, procurement, and construction solar company offering turnkey solutions for agricultural, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications. Well known throughout the Midwest with a reputation for quality, Harvest Solar will design and install a dependable and long-lasting system tailored to achieve an array of custom energy needs.
Every situation is different when it comes to a solar installation. Various scenarios and factors mold the design requirements for each unique solar array. Our knowledgeable team unites their expertise to determine a solar recommendation for each specific application.
An electric bill will typically be examined during a preliminary analysis to determine total energy consumption and usage patterns followed by an onsite property assessment. After refining other factors to determine the feasibility of a solar project, Harvest Solar will present a proposal featuring an optimal system recommendation to best meet the desired investment goals.
Source: Farm News Media, Michigan Farm News
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