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Elden Ring players looking to farm levels quickly, safely, and easily can check out this brief guide to acquire millions of runes.
At some point in Elden Ring, players are going to want to grind and level up to be prepared for the challenges ahead. Whether that’s Margit, Godrick, or Radahn, these bosses encourage getting really good at the game and getting ahead whenever possible. There are plenty of areas to gather a lot of XP at once in Elden Ring, such as the Giant Sleeping Dragon, and there are plenty of enemies to farm for a couple of levels.
The problem is, many of these come with inherent risks such as potentially losing runes in Elden Ring. This is not ideal and is a major setback for many players, but luckily, there is one farming location in Elden Ring that can take players to level 99 in a matter of hours without any serious risks. Indeed, it’s an easy process should players choose to follow it, but it does require a little legwork to unlock.
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Before players attempt this Rune Farming Method in Elden Ring, they should at least be level 40. It’s easily done around midgame and serves as a good way to prepare, stat-wise, for the endgame.
Players should go ahead and spend any runes PRIOR to unlocking this farm. The reason is not the farming method itself, but simply getting to it.
If players want to make the process even quicker, they should obtain the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring. However, it should be noted that this farm location provides plenty of runes even without it.
This farming method is much easier for spellcasters, as well as any class with an AOE attack. This shouldn’t discourage pure melee builds, however, as it only takes a little more time than other methods, but the rewards are just as sweet.
Elden Ring players will need to beat Godrick the Grafted to unlock this farm location.
This method was seemingly discovered by Arrekz Gaming and was independently verified by Game Rant. The above video explains everything in great detail, but here is a step-by-step breakdown to getting to this farm too.
Once there, players will be able to easily and quickly farm a ton of runes in Elden Ring. Each enemy here is easy to kill and provides 2000 runes per death. Clearing every enemy here will net players anywhere from 40-50K runes in a single run. This should only take a matter of minutes. Once done, players can visit the Site of Lost Grace and reset the enemy spawns.
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Each of these enemies can be killed one on one. The only potential issue are the red creatures, as they will jump around and sometimes grow giant red spikes, turn into a ball, and charge the player. Players should keep an eye on them during the fight, but they are not difficult. The best part is that, if players do die here during any run, they can easily pick up their runes as they spawn nearby, none of the resting creatures will draw aggro, and the red ones take a moment to react to the player’s presence.
Should players enter a fight with one of the red ones, it is recommended to retreat up the hill, kill them when they get close, and keep pushing on. Just in case they do die in this run, they can even more easily retrieve their runes, but all in all, it’s not challenging and it’s incredibly rewarding.
As Arrekz highlights, a build with an AoE attack can complete this farm even quicker; however, as a katana-wielding Samurai in Elden Ring, we were able to complete this method very easily, very quickly, and with no risk. In less than an hour, we were able to grab the 500K runes seen above. Players can and probably should spend the runes as they get close enough to a level up, just to mitigate that risk factor even more.
Spending these runes to level up in Elden Ring took us from level 61 to level 78, making not only this run much easier to complete but made it super easy to beat Starscourge Radahn. Overall, for those looking for some quick levels in Elden Ring, it’s hard to beat this farm location based on its rewards, low-risk factor, and speed.
Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
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Elden Ring players discover a hidden wall in the Volcano Manor area of the game that only opens after hitting it upwards of 50 times.
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