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Clarkson’s Farm number two Kaleb Cooper has posted to Instagram to complain about rising fuel prices as he uses “horsepower”, quite literally, on the farm.
Jeremy Clarkson took over Diddly Squat Farm a couple of years ago now, and since then released one of the most highly praised series to Amazon Prime Video where he gave viewers a real-life snapshot of the highs and lows of the farming industry. Kaleb Cooper became a household name overnight as his knowledge and talents shone through during the episodes he was involved in. And now, he’s amassed a huge following on Instagram.
“Fuel price is a killer, I’m going back old school farming using the real horse power,” he posted to Instagram alongside a video.

A post shared by Kaleb Cooper (@cooper_kaleb)

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He talked to the camera, complaining about the price of red diesel which he needs to power his tractors and various farming equipment:
“So I’ve just ordered some red diesel for the contracting business.
“Cost me £2000 for 1,800 litres, so mum if you’re watching this…”
He moves the camera down to point at a horse next to him.
“I’m borrowing your horse! We’re going to go and plant some more spring barley.
“Come on Carlos, good boy!” he said as he continued his work.
Amazon Prime UK itself responded to the video saying: “If you ride it to London you can avoid the ULEZ charge too.”
Season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm is expected to be released to Amazon Prime Video later this year where we’ll hopefully see more of the behind-the-scenes of Clarkson’s fight with not only the public, but his local council. Now, Clarkson is yet again applying for planning permission to expand his farm, but with the local police pushing back, who knows if it will be accepted or not.
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