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February 17, 2022

News / Newsline February 17, 2022
Farmers and ranchers are dedicated to protecting the natural resources on their land. But, Micheal Clements tells us farmers must share their stories to address misleading information coming from agriculture’s critics.
Clements: American agriculture seeks to get the most out of their livestock and crops while ensuring a bright future for the land, animals and resources entrusted to them. American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall says farmers and ranchers are serious about the responsibility of feeding the world, while preserving the environment.
Duvall: Farmers have put 140 million acres voluntarily into conservation programs. And then of course, a lot of other techniques are being used like low till or no till, and over half of our corn, cotton, soybean and wheat acres in the United States have been put in those practices which helps conserve or retain carbon in the soil. And we also have about 200 million acres that has cover crop on it.  
Clements: When it comes to livestock, Duvall says it’s easy to point to misleading statistics about cattle and climate change.
Duvall: But here's the truth, and this is taken directly from EPA and USDA data. Beef cattle production accounts for two percent of all of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. More effective farming methods and the use of new technologies have led to a reduction of the per-unit emissions in cattle. Our critics are looking for a simple solution to a complex problem. Adding burdensome regulations that will reduce affordable protein would make food more expensive and worsen food insecurity issues for millions of our families across America.
Clements: To address unfair criticism of American agriculture, Duvall says farmers need to share their story.
Duvall: It’s easy to get frustrated when we see agriculture misrepresented in the media, but we must remember that almost 90 percent of Americans say that they trust farmers and we have a positive story to share with them. We can't fall into the trap of going low even when our critics do so because it will jeopardize the public's trust in us. It's important that we seek opportunities to engage with our neighbors, and with the media to help set the tone to ensure agriculture is being portrayed honestly.
Clements: Learn more at fb.org/sustainability. Micheal Clements, Washington.
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News / News Release
March 17, 2022

News / News Release March 17, 2022
The cost of growing crops could outpace revenue for many farmers in 2022, making it more difficult to break even despite rising commodity prices and increased demand both domestically and globally. The American Farm Bureau Federation is launching a series of Market Intel articles examining rising farm production expenses.
News / Newsline
March 17, 2022

News / Newsline March 17, 2022
There’s no better time to share the story of American agriculture than on National Ag Day. Chad Smith has more on a day set aside to recognize farmers, ranchers, and the abundance they provide.
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The cost of growing crops could outpace revenue for many farmers in 2022—making it more difficult to break even des… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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